The district believes that a child best succeeds when there is a strong partnership between home and school. This partnership thrives on open communication between parents and the school, parental involvement in their child’s education, and parental responsibility for all aspects of their child’s education.

Parents can become partners in their child’s education by:

  • Becoming familiar with their child’s school activities and academic program, including special programs offered by the district.
  • Discussing with counselors, teachers and the superintendent the options and opportunities available to their child.
  • Monitoring their child’s academic progress and contact teachers when necessary.
  • Attending scheduled teacher/school conferences.
  • Monitoring their child’s attendance at school. Regular school attendance is important if a child is to achieve his/her full potential. Parents are urged to make an extra effort to ensure their child establishes a regular attendance pattern.

Learning does not end when the school day is over. Schroon Lake Central School encourages parents to set aside time for reading, informal learning activities, and assisting their child with homework assignments.

Parents can also become involved in their child’s education on a broader scale by joining the Parent Teacher Student Organization. The PTSO is the strongest link between home and school. By joining the PTSO, parents will become partners in advancing the educational goals of the school district while enhancing the welfare of their child.