Welcome Back!

It is fun to see the students return and embark on their new educational journeys.  This school year will provide exciting new opportunities and challenges for our student body.  

As we enter the new year, we will be paying special attention to the district goals that were formulated last spring by our school improvement committee and approved by our school board.  The official district goals are as follows:

District Goals

  • Investigate avenues for improving school safety. Implement recommendations made by safety committee and approved by the school board.
  • Maintain our strong foundation in student computer knowledge by enhancing technology options, possibly through computer electives, partnerships with businesses and colleges, clubs, and/or summer opportunities.
  • Explore expanded business/entrepreneurship/art opportunities for students.

Much work has already been done to accomplish these goals.   In the interest of improving school safety, the following measures have been taken:

  • Door locks permitting access to the school have been updated
  • An intercom system has been added to the front entrance of the school
  • The main entrance to the school will be restructured so that visitors seeking entrance to the school during school hours will need to seek permission before entering the school vestibule
  • Our camera surveillance system has been upgraded with higher resolution cameras both inside and outside the school building
  • All of the lights inside and outside the building have been upgraded with high efficiency bulbs that will improve visibility and safety near entrances and in the parking lot.
  • The school board has approved the hiring of two School Resource Officers (SRO) who will provide armed security throughout the school day and for evening school activities
  • In the mornings, all students will enter the building at a single point of access where they will be welcomed by the SRO and other school employees

As we consider goal # 2 this year, it should be pointed out that all students in grades 3-12 already have individual chromebooks dedicated to their use throughout the school day.  Younger students have access to chromebooks on traveling carts. Our teachers are very adept at using these tools as an integral part of their class instruction. The goal for this year will be to keep the technological edge our students already possess while looking for new opportunities to apply their skills to the real world.

Our 3rd goal will be met in part by our first business elective offering in a few years.  This year we will be offering Foundations of Business, an elective for upper level students that will have a hands on entrepreneurial focus.  We will continue to look for other opportunities to expand the business and financial knowledge of our students.

At SLCS, we believe that we offer outstanding educational opportunities in a close knit and intimate setting that allows students to progress at their own pace, provides individual attention, and prevents students from getting lost in the shuffle.  We feel that we are in great shape to begin another successful school year. We have an awesome school building, wonderful faculty and staff, and the equipment and supplies we need to do the job right.

We owe great thanks to the tremendous support of the tax payers and community members who have made Schroon Lake Central School possible.  We want to thank you for all you do, and we want to assure you that your support is providing a great educational environment for the children of our school district.

Have a great school year.


Harry Brooks – Interim Superintendent