1. Students should report directly to the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period.
2. Students should walk when entering and leaving the cafeteria. While in the cafeteria, students should not run, push, or act in an otherwise disruptive manner.
3. Students should stand in an orderly line while waiting for their food – they should not cut in line.
4. All refuse should be deposited in the proper receptacles.
5. Food may not be removed from the cafeteria without permission.
6. Students should not sit on the tables.
7. Students are to leave the table clean and suitable for use by other students.
8. Conversation should not be loud or boisterous. Yelling, screaming, etc., are not acceptable.
9. Food or other objects are not to be thrown.
9. Any student who misbehaves in the cafeteria, including throwing food, will be referred to the office for appropriate discipline.