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  • Improvisation and Instrumentation is designed to improve students' music literacy. In order to achieve this goal, students will learn the art of creating meaningful musical improvisations, keep a log of different pieces they listen to, cover songs they know, and learn the principles of arranging and writing music.

  • Online workspace for the annual Grace Hudowalski Essay Contest

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  • Why can't some countries just get along? Did you ever think that, if you were World Supreme Leader, you could run things better? Try your hand at resolving world problems in this class. Play the role of a nation on the UN Security Council. Practice debating skills, learn about the history that created conflicts, see things from both sides, try to resolve world problems in our virtual United Nations.

    "Virtual Model United Nations" is a full online social studies course simulating the UN Security Council offered in second semester 2015-16 from Schroon Lake Central School. Students may earn one half credit toward high school graduation.

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  • This isn't a class. This area of the web site is for training and experimentation purposes.

Schroon Lake Central School is a K-12 public school in the Adirondacks of New York State. This portion of the district web site is for our online learning initiatives.

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